We Are Elizabeth & Marcel

We Buy Houses In Northern Virginia, LLC

Elizabeth is the vision and face of the company. No design decision is made without her stamp of approval, whether that’s the color of the kitchen cabinets or the style of the on-suite master bathroom. In the end, she calls all of the shots.

Elizabeth’s Midwest upbringing fostered the growth of her big heart. She watched her mother pour herself into her kindergarten classroom, and developed that same kind of love for people of all ages. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she entered the field of education, teaching 8th grade English in a local public school.

In addition to her big heart and love for people, she loves making anything aesthetically pleasing, from home decor to her classroom. Many hours were spent watching HGTV and wishing she could be the next Joana Gaines. When she lived in Dallas for a year, we frequented The Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas often and soaked in the ambience and vibes Joana poured into her work.

When combining her big heart for people and her HGTV dreams (we don’t call her Mrs. HGTV-Joana Gaines-Wanna-Be for nothing), her passion for this business shines bright. She is supportive in all corners, but especially when it comes to caring for clients.

Marcel keeps the lights on and is the brains behind the business. He basically satisfies Elizabeth with houses to bring back to life or simply add HGTV touches to. Marcel’s passion is to run a professional business and keep everyone accountable to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Marcel loves researching and crunching numbers. He is driven and loves working with people. Growing up in the big city of Berlin, Germany aided in his love of German auto motives and soccer. He came to America to play collegiate soccer. His competitiveness and professionalism is left to show from those glory days. After his athletic days were over, Marcel entered the corporate world at a large German automotive manufacturer and worked his way up quickly to become the Chief of Staff in Quality for North America.

Most importantly, Marcel likes to “get things done”. Due to his German nature, he does whatever he can to make sure clients are satisfied with the process and the end result. His experience in quality brings a focus to the little details, which results in him finding a solution to most any problem.

“I would like to understand how the process works in detail. How do you put together the offer?”

“I would like to know more about “We Buy Houses In Northern Virginia. What’s their mission? Do they support charitable organizations?”

“I am ready to sell my house and want to fill my information into the form!”